Double-Sided-Timing-Belt - A13 13X330 AX21 13X535 B26 17X660 BX23 17X585 C56

Double-Sided-Timing-Belt - A13 13X330	AX21 13X535	B26 17X660	BX23 17X585	C56
CRB Power Belt Co.,Ltd
: 2012-07-25 03:00:59
timing belt, v belt, automotive belt, PU belt, Ban

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Description Of Double-Sided-Timing-Belt - A13 13X330 AX21 13X535 B26 17X660 BX23 17X585 C56

Double-Sided-Timing-Belt - A13 13X330 AX21 13X535 B26 17X660 BX23 17X585 C56 Specificaton & Trade Terms

ModelA13 13X330 AX21 13X535 B26 17X660 BX23 17X585 C56
Place Of OriginChina
Price TermEX-Work
Payment TermT/T
A12 13X305 AX20 13X510 B25 17X635 BX22 17X560 C43 22X1175 BELTS 55ZA13 3PK400
A13 13X330 AX21 13X535 B26 17X660 BX23 17X585 C56 22X1422 CX39 22X1000 55ZBS13(A206M050) 3PK515
A14 13X355 AX22 13X560 B265 17X6730 BX23.5 17X600 C58 22X1555 CX50 22X1270 65YU13(A205YU050) 3PK550
A15 13X380 AX23 13X585 B27 17X685 BX24 17X610 C60 22X1600 CX51 22X1295 69ZA19(A259LO75) 3PK560
A16 13X405 AX24 13X610 B28 17X715 BX25 17X635 C62 22X1650 CX55 22X1400 70RU16(A262RU16) 3PK570
A17 13X430 AX24.5 13X620 B29 17X735 BX26 17X660 C64 22X1700 CX60 22X1525 76ZBS19(A285M075) 3PK580
A18 13X460 AX24.5 13X625 B30 17X760 BX27 17X685 C68 22X1800 CX62 22X1575 78RU19 3PK590
A19 13X485 AX25 13X635 B300 17X7620 BX28 17X715 C72 22X1900 CX63 22X1600 83ZA19(A311L075) 3PK595
A20 13X510 AX25.5 13X650 B31 17X785 BX29 17X735 C74 22X1880 CX64 22X1625 83ZBS19(A311M075) 3PK600
A21 13X535 AX26 13X665 B32 17X815 BX30 17X760 C75 22X2000 CX65 22X1650 84ZA19(A315L075) 3PK605
A22 13X560 AX26.5 13X680 B33 17X835 BX30.5 17X775 C79 22X2090 CX67 22X1700 85ZA19 3PK610
A23 13X585 AX27 13X685 B34 17X865 BX31 17X785 C80 22X2100 CX68 22X1725 86ZA19 3PK615
A24 13X610 AX27.5 13X700 B35 17X890 BX31.5 17X800 C81 22X2120 CX69 22X1750 87ZBS34(A326H34) 3PK620
A24.5 13X620 AX28 13X715 B36 17X915 BX32 17X815 C82 22X2165 CX70 22X1775 88ZA19(A330L075) 3PK625
A25 13X635 AX28.5 13X725 B37 17X940 BX32.5 17X825 C83 22X2190 CX71 22X1800 89RU19(A334RU075) 3PK630
A25.5 13X650 AX29 13X735 B38 17X965 BX33 17X835 C84 22X2215 CX85 22X2150 89RU25DCL 3PK635
A26 13X660 AX29.5 13X750 B39 17X990 BX33.5 17X850 C85 22X2240 89ZA19(A334LO75) 3PK640
A26.5 13X675 AX30 13X760 B39.5 17X1005 BX34 17X865 C86 22X2265 89ZBS19 3PK645
A27 13X685 AX30.5 13X775 B40 17X1015 BX34.5 17X875 C88 22X2315 90ZA19 3PK650
A27.5 13X700 AX31 13X785 B41 17X1040 BX35 17X890 C89 22X2360 91RU19(A341R075) 3PK660
A28 13X715 AX31.5 13X800 B42 17X1060 BX35.5 17X900 C90 22X2370 91ZA19(A341L075) 3PK670
A28.5 13X725 AX32 13X815 B43 17X1090 BX36 17X915 C91 22X2395 92MR25(A345R100) 3PK675
A29 13X735 AX32.5 13X825 B44 17X1115 BX36.5 17X925 C92 22X2420 92RU22(A345RU22) 3PK680
A29.5 13X750 AX33 13X835 B45 17X1140 BX37 17X940 C95 22X2495 92ZA19(A345L075) 3PK685
A30 13X760 AX33.5 13X850 B46 17X1170 BX37.5 17X950 C96 22X2520 92ZBS19(A345M075) 3PK690
A30.5 13X775 AX34 13X865 B47 17X1200 BX38 17X965 C97 22X2465 93MR25(A349R100) 3PK695
A31 13X785 AX34.5 13X875 B48 17X1220 BX38.5 17X980 C98 22X2575 93ZA19 3PK700
A31.5 13X800 AX35 13X890 B49 17X1250 BX39 17X990 C100 22X2620 94MR25(A352R100) 3PK710
A32 13X815 AX35.5 13X900 B50 17X1270 BX39.5 17X105 C101 22X2650 94ZA19(A352L075) 3PK713
A32.5 13X825 AX36 13X915 B51 17X1300 BX40 17X1015 C104 22X2660 95RU19(A356RU075) 3PK715
A33 13X835 AX36.5 13X925 B52 17X1320 BX40.5 17X1030 C105 22X2665 95RU25(A356R100) 3PK720
A33.5 13X850 AX37 13X940 B53 17X1350 BX41 17X1040 C107 22X2800 95ZA19[A356L075] 3PK725
A34 13X865 AX37.5 13X950 B54 17X1370 BX41.5 17X1055 C110 22X2720 97RU19(364RU075) 3PK730
A34.5 13X875 AX38 13X965 B55 17X1400 BX42 17X1060 C112 22X2765 97RU25(A364R100) 3PK735
A35 13X890 AX38.5 13X975 B56 17X1420 BX42.5 17X1075 C115 22X3000 97ZA19(A367LO75) 3PK740
A35.5 13X900 AX39 13X990 B57 17X1450 BX43 17X1090 C120 22X3130 97ZA25 3PK750
A36 13X915 AX39.5 13X1001 B58 17X1475 BX43.5 17X110 C121 22X3075 98RU19(A367RU075) 3PK760
A36.5 13X925 AX40 13X1015 B59 17X1500 BX44 17X1115 C124 22X3230 98RU24(A367RU24) 3PK763

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