Afyon white
Iam looking for afyon white slabs about 300 meter.... 2017-03-09 12:24:19
manufacturing help
Hello, I hope you are doing well. We are a fast growing baby clothing company and are looking for some manufacturing help. We are currently producing in China and have a unique patent pending product that is made from rayon from bamboo and have anti-slip silicone stars on the knees. Our website is below so you can see the different products we have and were wondering if you could help? Thanks, Alex ***... 2017-03-09 12:04:37
Rice mill machinery
I want rice mill plant for 8tph... 2017-03-09 10:23:56
SS pipes
Hello, My name is Isabel, I work for a general contractor located in eastern Canada. We have 4 operating divisions including manufacturing. Our manufacturing operation is using a fair amount of SS pipes sch, 10 for our own usage in our contracts across Canada. Do you have a North American distributor that I could buy from ? Thank you for considering my request, I hope to have a positive response from you. Regards,... 2017-03-09 08:08:16
Dear Sir, Hello! This is Bobby Sachdeva from Star Polymers Inc, Amritsar (India). We are the biggest traders and regular buyers of B- Grade tyre cord fabrics & High tenacity yarns (Both Nylon & Polyester) for tyres & conveyor belts. We also get nylon dipped tyre cord fabrics from Indian Companies by giving them B- Grade (Stock Lot) nylon yarns which they convert into fabrics for us on conversion cost (Job Work). We buy B- Grade nylon dipped & un-dipped fabrics also. Our monthly requiremen... 2017-03-09 03:22:58
Hi, Good day! May we inquire if you have bobbin winder with 2.7cm diameter x 1cm height? We purchased our sewing machine with Typical Sewing Machine Wanping Machinery way back year 2012. We hope you could help us on this. Thanks in advance!... 2017-03-08 19:39:53
Quatation: Bond paper price
Hello, I just want to ask the pricelist are you supplying on bondpapers. Thanks!... 2017-03-08 18:33:59
Contact details
Hi, Kindly provide us with your contact details and email address.... 2017-03-08 18:10:28
Cigarette OEM
Dear, We are a company based on S.Korea, distributing the cigarettes to the Korean duty free ONLY. We are looking for cigarette manufacturer. who can produce OEM cigarettes. We would like import your products as OEM cigarettes. Can I talk the cigarette business with your person in charge? I appreciate if you email me *** about email of your person in charge. If you are not a manufacturer of cigarette, can you please recommend any manufacturer ? Your kind response will be highly app... 2017-03-08 17:57:53
Dear Sir
Attention Sir; We are writing to request your services in your regions. If interested, please email me for further details. John E. C. Lee Global Industrial Trading & Service Co. Ltd. 41 New Street Square London EC4A 3LX.***879(English) - No.21, Jing Zhong Road, Yonkang City, Tainan County, Taiwan.***942 (Chinese) *** *** ***/... 2017-03-08 16:48:29
i want to buy
How i can find you by whatsapp please... 2017-03-08 14:59:53
Rose otto 1... 2017-03-08 07:56:15
Interested to know your possibilities to produce and export to Colombia ALUMINIUM GOST ADAPTERS DN 70 and DN 125 for FIRE FIGHTING PRODUCTS.... 2017-03-08 04:30:09
Galleria Brazil
Do you still make workout pants. Do you sell directly fo customer if so or not pleaae send me link how i can buy?... 2017-03-07 18:29:19
Bonjour, Je m'appelle GUIRE Antoine je suis le directeur de Ayan Pharma. une agence de représentation de laboratoire pharmaceutique et de promotion de leur produits. je souhaite representer votre laboratoire au niger et assurer la promotion.... 2017-03-07 16:44:57
Purchase Purses
I would like to purchase purses!... 2017-03-07 13:25:37
asdrg sghtb undsjb asdrg sghtb undsjb asdrg sghtb undsjb asdrg sghtb undsjbasdrg sghtb undsjb asdrg sghtb undsjbasdrg sghtb undsjb... 2017-03-07 12:18:05
need quote
Hello, i need quote prices and leadtime for the following parts: Please back to me soon. 1x CMD111-1000Y-72.5/C18353W -On Load Tap Changer 1x CMA7 -Electric Drive for OLTC 1x YSF411-85/50 -Pressure-relief Valve( for LTC) 1x QJ4G-25 -Protective relay ( for OLTC) 1x WSLIV 111 1000 D 72.5 6x5b-Off Load Tap chger 1x CMA- Electric Drive for OCTC... 2017-03-07 11:58:44
Hi, I am trying to reaching out to your company for a couple of week, but unfortunately, I am not having any reply from you guys. Could you please let me know if you do still in business? I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Luciano Boas.... 2017-03-07 09:30:25
Mobiles specifications
Dear Sirs: Good day to you, I hope that everything is going well to you. The reason of my communication is to know if you can produce the following mobiles. I plan to go to the Canton Fair with my company and we are searching for mobiles, but specially for these models. It is possible that your company can manufacture these cellphones? Thank your for your time and information. could you contact me so i can give you the specifications of the model we are searching? Thank you Best regards!... 2017-03-07 06:56:45
Сломался трансформатор от акустики Microlab Model:X5... 2017-03-07 06:37:54
I am emailing from the University of Leicester, David Wilson Library (UK). We have received 2 boxes, the commercial invoice number is 2402/2017/001, the Fedex airway bill number is***5. Please could you advise who the intended recipient is of these parcels as the Library (Caroline Taylor) have no knowledge of these.... 2017-03-07 01:47:39
Aloe care products
Hello, Please leave me your contact details, this enquiry is regarding exporting of your Aloe products... 2017-03-06 21:49:04
Good day! We are a company based here in the Philippines and we are looking for a safety shoes manufacturer in Shenzhen, please confirm if you have factory in Shenzhen. We want to order the samples below (6 pairs) and other materials that will undergo quality testing here in our country. Please confirm if you do offer free samples, if not for free, please confirm the price and your freight charge. . Please see also attached logo that you will put on the shoe. If possible, please send us the picture of yo... 2017-03-06 18:12:43
I'm looking for a lady that makes furniture in Nanning by the name of Xiuqun. Does she work here?... 2017-03-06 17:47:23
Hello am interested... 2017-03-06 15:02:44
Undercarriage request
Hi! We are Russian trading company and interested in your parts. Please contact me: +7 925 706-2262 Alexander... 2017-03-06 11:59:33
Introduction - Need Custom Umbrella Design
By way of introduction my name is John Recker and I have a patent on a product that is breakthrough within the outdoor rain/sun protection category. This has significant opportunities given the transformational qualities to the market and to the millions of us who enjoy outdoor lifestyles. As the previous Global Development Director and International President of the largest independent brand design agency in the US, I left that position to pursue this venture. Given the significance of the opportunit... 2017-03-06 11:30:02
Would like to buy a mirror
Would you please tell me the price of a real image mirror approximately 12 inches toll. Thanking you in advance, Mary Betel... 2017-03-06 10:41:20
can you supply modeng or similar type cigarettes?... 2017-03-06 10:13:59
Technical information for Relay
Please provide me with technical data sheet for the following item: Relay, CHANKO Electric, MY4J, IEC255, 5A, 240vAC, 5A, 28vDC, 24vDC... 2017-03-06 10:03:05
QUERY for Zamak 3 Alloy
Hello, I am looking for supplies of ZAMAK 3 to be imported in INDIA from Australia. Can I please have any information if your company manufactures and exports ZAMAK 3 zinc alloy? If yes, at what rate? Thank you Sincerely Nikita Kokane (India)... 2017-03-06 10:01:24
PPE + Medical Supplies
Please send me Thomas Petermoeller's contact details in Europe to discuss business opportunities.... 2017-03-06 08:51:25
Lifebuoy Self-igniting Light and Self-ignotong Smoke HLS-2
I kindly ask you to inform me: What if the length of rope should be between lifebuoy light/smoke and lifebuoy.... 2017-03-06 06:29:59
Dear Sirs, Can you please make us an offer for: garlic powder 1.050 kg garlic flake feed 650 kg garlic granuled 8-40m 450 kg garlic granuled 40-80m 350 kg fob Rotterdam. Thank you! Regards, Anja Schutten Rapide International B.V. Tolstraat 2 NL-7482 DB Haaksbergen... 2017-03-06 03:20:54
OINP waste papers
we are looking for OINP waste paper on good paper with out directories and magazines etc... QTY is 30tons in alternate months...... 2017-03-06 01:11:35
sodium formaldehyde sulphoxylate above 98%
for date production... 2017-03-06 00:16:46

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