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Hi Valudollar CEO, I would like to express my dissatisfaction of service at your causeway point woodlands branch. A few days back i have bought a flat mop cost $5 (orange color). Upon opening up the package, the item is already broken. I am not a clumsy person to break the item however i think the manufacturing and the quality are low and no good. Well fair enough with the shop name. My concern here is the item bought couldn’t be used at all. I am fine if the item defect a little or even huge one, a scratch or the material ripped as long as a consumer (I) can use it. But this is not the case and it is so frustrating, really! Not happy with the incident, I just came back from the shop now (to be exact an hour ago-now 2300hr – 4 Nov 2010) wanting to exchange the item. I took a box of Kellogs cornflakes ($5.95) on hand, expecting to exchange with the mop. As you know the queue is always long, that is why I was ready with an item to exchange. At the counter, I was explaining the situation but an elder Philipino lady (perhaps a duty manager as she always there handling the situation) says is not possible. She was a little abrupt and wanting to close the case with no ending and probably thinking i am just making up story so as to do the exchanged. She was saying the change policy is within 2 days but I wasn’t aware and even not stated or even not being pre-empt at the counter when paying. Should policy has been made known, I would have tried at the shop itself or at home soon after arriving. It was at night and the shop is about to close when I bought the mop. I even told the Philipino lady that I am not asking for a cash back, I just need a replacement of any item of the same value or more (willing to top up even). This is so wasted. While explaining the lady and cashier, they ignored me like nothing happen. After explaining a few times, she called a philipino guy colleague out to help. At this point the lady already took all my receipt. Not sure what are they communicating after a while I saw he came with another flat mop (pink color). He was opening the packet and convinced me that item is fine but at that point I was skeptical because the item is so fragile and any time it will flip like the earlier one. I was showing to him but it seems he wanted me to just take and leave and close the issue as fast. Indirectly he is rude. I knew he is as tired as I am who just came back from work but they are not emphatic towards my issue. I am very busy at work, came all the way after doing OT just to do an exchange with the value I paid. Positively I walked off and hoping I did not have to come back and face this kind again. Went cold storage to get some fruits and when I was at the cashier, I saw the same thing happening at the pink mop like it happened to the orange one. The flip broken and it cannot be used. It was 2205hr and your shop already closed. I told myself to proceed to the shop at least they evidence what I told earlier on that fragile mop and also since they have taken the receipt. They are still inside wrapping up for the day and I just waited for them outside. I can understand they are closing the till/cashier and need a piece of mind. Around 2230, all of them came out and locking the door. That was the time I approached and gently told them my concern. They kept saying it is already closed bla bla bla…. And I kept explaining to them how can I use this mop as the top flip broken as the 1st one.. I can’t use at all and demand for a change not at once but I will be back tomorrow or so… Ohh well they all tired and keep repeating the same script that they have changed for me, the shop already closed bla bla bla just buying time and leave me unattended. As a loyal consumer, we would like to exchange item or do cash back or any other solution that $5 is not out to waste. Appreciate your help & authorization to handle this issue soonest. Hope to hear from you soon on my cellphone @ 98320808 (call, email or sms) Kind regards Nik
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Hello Dimitris, I am Kris, we worked a few years ago together, my company was the End Time Handels GmbH from Germany. Now I am starting again with electronics. Would be nice if you could send me actual offers, so I can get a look again on the price-market. Thank you very much. Best regards Kris Khod... 2011-03-17 02:35:07
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Gas Scooters
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